Eco Charette Facilitation
With the vision of achieving LEED certification for your project conducting and eco-charette during this early phase of design is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of achieving certification. Ecoworks Studio encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to this goal setting eco-charette which involves participation from the project stakeholders and experts coming together in a workshop type format to collaboratively address high performance whole-building design strategies in a holistic manner. In general the LEED green building eco-charette will address building design decisions that affect the project site and landscape issues, overall water and energy efficiency of the building, material selection, as well as helping create a premium, healthy interior for the building occupants.

LEED Administration
Ecoworks Studio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with the LEED certification process. We have successfully facilitated and consulted with clients on numerous LEED project types to achieve certification, including: Commercial Office, Education Facilities, Retail, High-Rise Residential, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Healthcare and Government Buildings. Ecoworks Studio is highly qualified to coordinate and facilitate the LEED documentation process for all phases of design and construction for your project. Working closely with the design team we oversee the incorporation of LEED criteria into the plans and drawings and provide continued review of the plans and submittal process during construction to help ensure LEED compliance.

Energy Modeling
Ecoworks Studio provides energy modeling services to help clients optimize building design for energy performance and to meet LEED requirements.

Ecoworks Studio provides commissioning services to our clients through strategic partnerships with several well-qualified Commissioning Agents.

Product Manufacturers
Ecoworks Studio works closely with product manufacturer teams to identify how your product can be best positioned with the green building industry and contribute to LEED credits. We can provide a detailed review and analysis of manufacturer products along with education and training of sales staff to deliver the appropriate marketing of your green product to design teams and clients. In addition to a green product focus, we strive towards a practice of sustainable manufacturing processes that improve efficiency and worker productivity while conserving energy and resources.

Sustainable Business and Operations
Ecoworks is committed to providing socially responsible services to our clients. We collaborate directly with facility owners and building managers to successfully implement best management practices in whole-building operations and maintenance policies including: green cleaning, site management, waste management plans, enhanced indoor environmental quality, sustainable purchasing policies, employee education programs and tenant guidelines. This business transformation includes support of your new green marketing and branding efforts.



Public Speaking
Ecoworks Studio is a frequent speaker at national building conferences and trainings, including IFMA WorldWorkplace Conference, NeoCon, EnvironDesign, Southface Greenprints Conference, USGBC Greenbuild International Conference & Expo and AIA National Convention.

Ecoworks Studio can provide all of your green edcuation training needs. Carlie Bullock-Jones was selected as a LEED Faculty member in 2006, and is trained and licensed by the Education and Research Department of USGBC. LEED Faculty™ are considered expert practitioners in the green building industry who conduct USGBC education programs. With courses taught worldwide, LEED Faculty are on the front lines of the green building movement, educating thousands per year on the use and value of green building practices and the LEED® Rating System. They are passionate advocates, advancing USGBC’s goal of market transformation through fundamental education initiatives.